One comment on “Broncos On Borrowed Time

  1. This article is wrong in so many ways. The author seems to be attributing most of the Broncos success to the fact that they have a majority of Friday night games. The Broncos are one of the best clubs in the NRL due to their depth of players and successful coaching team. The fact that they play on Friday night’s contribute’s very little to the teams’ success. Even if they then went on to play a Saturday or Sunday game the following week, it would mean that they have more than seven days to prepare. Then if they play the next Friday, they will have the experience to prepare adequately. Last week’s game against the Warriors can’t be a precedent either, as Mt. Smart is a formidable task for any opposing team, good or bad. Obviously I’m a Broncos supporter, and it’s also obvious that Curtis Woodward is not. Also, it should be “Then there is origin.”

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